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Save time and stress and use P.Pro Painting. Painting can be a time consuming job and most DIY painters wont achieve the same professional finish that can be attained when outsourcing a professional painting contractor.

Residential Painting

Our Painters are available for your residential painting project and can consult with you regarding colour selection, finish types, timeframes and a affordable costing solution to make your paint project a reality.

Our Painting Team

Every residential house is different. Our residential painting and decorating services offer a complete service. We consult with you on paint types, colour selection, timeframes and costs to meet your needs whilst keeping within your budget.

House Painting Specialists

Like all jobs; preparation is one of the most important parts of painting. Great care is taken ensuring that attention is given to surface preparation before painting has started on your home. P.Pro Painting will make a dramatic difference to your home.

Color Services

Contact P.Pro Painting today regarding your paint colour requirements both internally and externally with myself. Also as a colour consultants I am happy to assist you in making the right choice for all your colour needs.

Pro Painting Special Finishes

Sometimes your decor and interior designs require something more than just a coat of paint. P.Pro Painting can help you achieve the look you are after, or even help you decide if you just know you want something different.

Free Quotes

We offer FREE QUOTES and you’ll be happy to know that our rates are extremely reasonable and will fit into all budgets. P.Pro Painting will deliver exceptional results and fantastic service, contact us now for painting quotes in Perth.

Interior or exterior

When it comes to your home, you need a painting team that excels in matching your existing styles and colours. P.Pro Painting Services have over 20 years of combined experience as interior and exterior painters providing you solutions to all your painting projects.

Challenge Us

P.Pro Painting Services offer a wide range house painting services in Perth including interior and exterior services. Our team will strive to match your existing colour and style. Seen something you like from TV or a magazine? We can accommodate and bring your vision to life.

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